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Our guest house is situated in nature surrounded by Yatsugatake, the Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji.  You can enjoy us...only 2.5h away from Tokyo via express+local train to the beautiful scenery of our Japanese countryside.  You will pass by many fields of rice, fruits and animals to reach Kiyosato Plateau. 


We serve seasonal vegetables, fruits and home-baked breads and sweets. We have an international ambience since the owners have traveled many countries. You can enjoy sightseeing in Kiyosato or stay in our sun room or flower garden.  Group stays are also welcome.  BBQs and bonfires(takibi) are popular in Summer&Fall stays.  Basically, you can do anything or nothing!!! ; )

Our guest house has a capacity of a maximum of 14 people in a total of 4 rooms. All 4 rooms are spacious and wheelchair-accessible.  

Each room has its own bathroom and 2 of them have roll-in-showers. Excellent for individual or group stays.  (All 4 rooms can be booked exclusively for group use.)  



チェックイン(Check - In) 15:00 (応相談)
チェックアウト(Check-Out) 11:00 (応相談)



☆お問い合わせは、メール<casa.kiyosato@gmail.com> かお電話・FAX 0551-48-2010 までお願い致します。

Check - In: 3:00pm
Check-Out: 11:00am

Special Meals: Paste, finely chopped or blended and other personal

needs such as allergies,  dietary restrictions, vegetarians and vegans  can be requested in advance.  We will try our best to meet individual needs.

Casa is animal FREE environment, however, guide/service animals can accompany the guest. 
Languages:  Japanese, English, Portuguese and sign language (JSL, ASL and LIBRAS)

Here is the link for Rates


Reservation and inquiry will be accepted:


TEL・FAX +81-551-48-2010 




TEL/FAX: 0551-48-2010

E-MAIL: casa.kiyosato@gmail.com

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